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We should all be prepared when life throws us a curve ball.

Welcome to 2023 for the last 10 years we have been living under the Affordable Care Act legislation (Obamacare) which has provided financial assistance to millions of Americans who earn less than $77,280 a year for a single person and less than $131,760 for a family of three. 

The 2023 plans are available and you can use our SIGNUP link to take a look for yourself.

For those who qualify for the Tax Credit, you have many options available including a few with a $0 monthly premium.  But, there is more to look at then just the premium.  Let us help you find the plan that will meet your needs  in the coming year.

For those who do not qualify for the Tax Credit, you have seen your Health Insurance Premiums increase 2 to 3 times what you paid in 2010 when this legislation was signed into law.  Understanding that, we searched and found an affordable outside the box options to cover your family and help control costs.  Let us help you find the plan that will meet y our needs in the coming year.

The best way to find the coverage that best fits your needs is to call (843 – 771 - 5151) our office and speak with a licensed agent who can help simplify the options available.   There is no cost for our assistance.

We can help make the process easy and painless.


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